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The origins of Pétanque can be traced back through millennia with some dispute about the actual date of the modern game beginning. Whether in 1907 or 1910, it is undisputed that the modern game of pétanque began in Southern France. The Internet is full of sites devoted to the game from its historical origins to specialized skill development and online purveyors of equipment. Rather than duplicate the efforts of others, you will find here links to some of the more interesting or informative resources about the game history, basic rules, and methods of play. For more information, explore the links on the "Related Links" page.

The Los Angeles Pétanque Club was founded in 1983 by a small group of people who for the sheer love of the game strove to create our courts here at Rancho Park, to better share the sport and to expose others to a popular French tradition. Their enthusiasm for a good time promoted what we have today.

The LAPC has a commitment to helping new players learn the proper skills and develop their playing skill to the highest degree possible. Several club members volunteer their time to assist in the training of players on an informal basis.

Pétanque is both a leisure activity and a competitive professional sport, and has been adopted as an Olympic event. Whatever level you choose to play on, the game will bring you many rewards that last a lifetime.



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The Los Angeles Pétanque Club generally follows the guidelines of the international governing body of the sport, Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP). An English translation of the rules can be downloaded from the FIPJP website, or with this link.

The FIPJP-affiliated organization, Federation of Pétanque USA rules are available here:

rules of pétanque
A detailed and very interesting translation of the FIPJP rules can be found here:


The game of pétanque began in 1907, with the first concourse in 1910. Here are links to use for more information:

Visit La Ciotat

For those who want a general overview, and a link to a very comprehensive site, take a look here:
petanque org


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